Privacy policy

Cookies are small pieces of text, which are stored on your laptop/device and are read by your browser. A cookie can not get access to your personal information, and cannot track your identity. Cookies are used to make function.

We use cookies to make it possible to add products to your basket, login and improve our website. Cookies are deleted after 30 days but they will be renewed after every visit.

Deactivated cookies

Like many other websites does not work without cookies. Cookies make it possible for you to add products to your basket. You can not do that if you have not accepted cookies.

Auto login

Do you choose to “remember login” a cookie will be downloaded to your device. It makes it possible to log on automatically next time you visit our website.

If you choose to delete the cookie, you have to remember your username and password next time you visit our website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is our measuring tool, where we gather information which can give us a statistic view of which websites people visit and how many daily visits we have etc. These statistics are used to create a better userexpericene.

Do you wish to know more about cookies, you can read the declaration here.